As a unit from state-owned enterprise restructuring, beginning from its foundation, Southernpec incorporates the construction of the party, the league and trade unit into the important agenda, pursues management by setting up full-time, and gives full play to the function of party branches. For a decade, we have actively inherited the advanced experience of state-owned enterprises in the building of the party and the league, implemented the organizational life systems strictly, strengthened the advanced education on party members, exerted the role of advanced party members, and actively cultivated party members. From daily exchange and learning of party members to the establishment of party member post services, from major special thinking seminars and patriotic education film events to the effective organization of Red Tours to Whampoa Military Academy and Jinggangshan Revolutionary Shrine, and from May Four youth forum to the construction of Southernpec Volunteer Service Team of Guangzhou Young Volunteer Association, we firmly establish correct outlooks on life and values of party members, and widely attract league members and people to close to the party organization, in which case the Corporation has developed more than 100 party members as a party branch from the original five party members, cultivated 14 activists of party application, and admitted 12 people as party members, providing a safeguard ideological and organizational guarantee for promoting the transformation and upgrading of Southernpec and achieving the sustainable development.
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