Core Business
The industrial investment business of Southernpec involves investments in many major projects and emerging fields. By scientific planning and stepped implementation, and through introduction of strategic investors and getting supports from financial institutions, wed realize healthy management of assets. In three to five years, we plan to build jetties, large liquid chemical bulk storage bonded bases and refineries in phases in Kemen Port, Fujian Province, which include 300,000-ton jetties, 5 million m3 of underground water sealed storage depot for crude oil reserve, 1 million m3 of ground storage facilities for refined oil, chemical products and 6 million tons of heavy duty bitumen project. In addition, we actively push the development of Nansha LNG storage project, Huihai bucket project and spherical tank project. To improve the global operation ability of the company, Southernpec is planning a headquarters base and its supporting project in Guangzhou.
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