Core Business
Storage and logistics is the backbone for Southernpec. We remain committed to offering the customized and optimal warehousing solutions for customers. Services cover every link in petrochemical logistics, including storage, terminals, transportation and offshore oil supply. After ten years’ growing, Southernpec has built dozens of modern storage facilities as well as an experienced talents pool. A mature logistics network throughout the country and Southeast Asia has thus been formed.
Southernpec’s warehousing facilities now spread along main ports of river and coastal areas in China and Southeast Asia waters. The total storage capacity can reach 5.4 million cubic meters. Southernpec enjoys 4 bulk jetties with 100-thousand-ton capability. In Southeast Asia, with operation licenses authorized by Port of Singapore Authority, we operate 12 vehicles, including three VLCCs for international transport and storage of crude oil and fuel oil in key waters. The total capacity is up to 1.5 million tons. The figure will be updated to 17 million cubic meters and 4 more bulk jetties with 100-thousand-ton capability after completing the constructing capacity in near future, and Southernpec will thus become one of the largest and most advanced private petrochemical storage suppliers in Asian-Pacific.
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