1. What a kind of company is Southernpec Corporation?
Southernpec Corporation is a comprehensive energy corporate group centering on five operation sectors including energy, logistics, oil and gas development, financial supporting and industrial investment, and based on constructing its own competition advantages, realizes the effective extension of the industry value chain.
2. What is the major business of Southernpec Corporation?
Southernpec Corporation was created in July 2, 2002. After 11-year development, it was reformed from a trading company to a comprehensive energy corporate group centering on five operation sectors including energy, logistics, oil and gas development, financial supporting and industrial investment. As of December 2012, it has sales volume of more than 10 million tons and sales of more than RMB 50 billion yuan, ranking among top 500 Chinese enterprises and top 100 enterprises in Chinese service industry for three consecutive years.
3. What is the total strategic goal of Southernpec Corporation?
In the future, we strive for building up a domestically leading and internationally well-known comprehensive energy corporate group, and will, hand in hand, advance steadily on the road to sustainable development!
4. What is the corporate culture of Southernpec Corporation?
In the course of development, Southernpec has formed the unique corporate culture system of “Sincerity, Innovation, Unity, Ambition”, and this is the core competitiveness for growth of Southernpec and the force to drive the harmonious development of Southernpec Corporation.
5. What is the concept of employment in Southernpec Corporation?
Southernpec Corporation adheres to the personnel strategy of “Preferentially introducing, cultivating and reserving talents”, sticks to the personnel idea of “Selecting and appointing the superior and eliminating the inferior”, and improves the personnel mechanism of “using capable persons” to create an “open, fair and just” talent atmosphere.
6. What is the salary structure of Southernpec Corporation?
Southernpec Corporation, according to industry characteristics, implements a competitive remuneration and welfare system and connects income to ability and performance so that employee remuneration is featured by sufficient safeguards and rational encouragement and their remuneration is on the average or above level.
7. What benefits does an employee of Southernpec Corporation enjoy?
Southernpec Corporation pays social insurance legally, handles housing fund and maintains commercial insurance (including personal accident insurance, critical illness insurance, supplementary medical insurance and female fertility insurance, etc.)for employees; in accordance with national regulations, provides paid leave as well as other humanized leave entitlements (e.g. marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave); employees enjoy festive condolence payments, birthday gifts, sick rest visit, marriage/birth gifts and many other specialty benefits.
8. What are the personal development prospects of the employees in Southernpec Corporation?
Southernpec Corporation sticks to the personnel idea of “selecting and appointing the superior and eliminating the inferior”, establishes a scientific and flexible employment mechanism, and has formed the good atmosphere of merit-based promotion; in combination with the individual employee career design, the company works hard to create a stage where employees display their talent, and to provide a space for self-development. Furthermore, Southernpec Corporation attaches great importance to staff training and development, has a flexible training management system, and implements a variety of training methods, in which case every year, a large number of employees receive job and skill training of different kind.
9. How does Southernpec Corporation motivate employees?
In human resources development and management, Southernpec Corporation focuses on the appraisal of employee performance, constantly exploring new assessment models, with importance attached to both qualities and performance appraisal. The Company has strengthened team assessment, with all employees sharing relevant responsibilities and rights regardless of their ranks. Rewards and penalties are applicable without any bias for or against anyone, and even senior managers should be prepared for both promotion and demotion based on their achievements or errors.
10. Can I transfer to another position or department?
Southernpec Corporation fully allows ordinary employees to adjust their jobs through internal transfer and merit-based replenishment, provides fair and equitable opportunities for career development of employees, and achieves optimal allocation of human resources to realize the harmonious development of employees and Southernpec.
11. How to hand in a resume?
As a loyal practitioner of the low carbon concept, Southernpec Corporation has performed paperless network recruitment, and thus resume should be submitted online through the talent community of Southernpec Corporation, this allowing our quick browse of your resume and timely response to you.
12. What kind of documents should be taken when a graduate is prepared for the interview?
To attend an interview, a fresh graduate bring: paper resume in both Chinese and English, 1 respectively (1 inch bareheaded color photo attached), and also bring ID card, student card, school employment recommendation, Dean sealed transcripts sealed by the dean’s office, employment agreement and the originals and copies of English and computer certificates and related awards and qualification certificates.
13. How does Southernpec inform the interviewee?
The Southernpec recruitment system will, via SMS and e-mail, notify any candidate who has passed resume screening and is required to receive written examination or interview, please keep your phone switched on and check your email every day.
14. Does Southernpec offer different jobs in each city or school? What shall I do if I have a desired job which is not provided in my school or my city?
Due to arrangement of itinerary, we are unable to cover every school or city, so the jobs for recruitment or interview in each school or city may be different. Specific jobs shall be based on the jobs released on the Southernpec Talent Community (URL to be determined). If you have a desired job which is not provided in your school or city, you are expected, in light of this job, to choose a city/school most convenient for your written examination and interview, and submit your resume online, and the company will carry out screening. For appropriate resume, we will swap for written examination and interview. We will not miss any personnel good and appropriate for the company.
15. Hw long will the employment contract remain in effect if I get the offer from Southernpec?
Except for basic positions such as resident clerks and receptionists, a 3-year contract will be signed for general positions.
16. Does Southernpec provide accommodation?
Southernpec does not offer free accommodation. After you arrive in Southernpec, Southernpec will provide at least one-month accommodation free of charge, and help to offer housing lease information.
17. What training will Southernpec provide to fresh graduates?
Training is a job attracting great importance of Southernpec, and Southernpec has a perfect training mechanism. For incoming college students, Southernpec will arrange for about one-week centralized corporate culture training, then during the probationary/trial period, arrange for rotation learning and business training, and thereafter, on regular or irregular basis, arrange for training on professional skills and management skills. Learning by Doing is the best training, and steadily and rapidly growing Southernpec is able to continuously provide you with challenging work opportunities for you to grow along with Southernpec.
18. What degree level is required?
The candidate is required to have a bachelor degree or above. For specific professional and technical posts and executives posts, requirements for academic qualifications may be relaxed, but must be consistent with personnel structure, and can adapt to our future talent planning and strategic needs.
19. Does Southernpec Corporation have any requirements for language and its level?
Non-English bachelor / master graduates must obtain CET-6 certificate or meet the corresponding score (after the reform, CET-6 score is up to 425 points); English bachelor / master graduates must obtain TEM-4 certificate (TEM-8 certificate preferred); minor- language graduates need to obtain the appropriate language qualifications prescribed by the State. For more details, please see the job requirements.
20. What is the difference between campus recruitment and social recruitment?
Campus recruitment is special recruitment held by Southernpec for the fresh graduates from the colleges and universities of the nation, which involves more jobs and personnel and provides the majority of students with a fair competitive arena and broad space for development. Social recruitment is to recruit mature talents from the society with certain social experience, and the jobs released are generally scarce and professional positions.
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