Core Business
The development in oil and gas field is placed as the key strategy by the Second-Decennuim-Plan of Southernpec, and is also the important step to integrate our industry chains from upstream to downstream. Since recent years we have enhanced the progress of Kayo Oil-Gas Field Project in Congo and the progress of Alay Oil-Gas Field Project in Kyrgyzstan, these projects optimize our industrial structure and form our fundamental competitive strength at global level.
The Kayo Project is located around Pointe-Noire, the economic capital and an oil city of Congo. It covers 929 square kilometers, and is expected to provide 200 million tons of oil. Following the development of this field, Southerpec will plan and construct a 3000-acre industrial zone in Congo, inside which great crude oil processing and refining capacity, gas refining processing capacity will be built to increase the add-value within the resource exploitation. Southernpec will also gradually develop the oil field and gas field projects in Kyrgyzstan, push forwards the extended support to the industrial chains, and upgrade our international operation capacity through up, mid, and downstream.
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