HSE Management System
While focusing on business development, Southernpec always puts the responsibility for "health, safety and environmental protection" in the first place, and cares for the health and safety of the employees, the communities and all the personnel related to our operations. In 2009, the company established a perfect HSE Management System, and passed the ISO9001: 2000 International Quality Certification System; in strict accordance with the requirements of system documents, it carries out the management responsibility, standardizes operational conducts, earnestly fulfills its duties as a medium-sized petrochemical energy enterprise for the society, the environment and the employees, and strives to practice the HSE goals of "no accidents, no injuries, and no damage to the environment".
Environmental Protection
As an enterprise with a high degree of social responsibility, Southernpec actively explores a new path of environmental protection featured by little cost, high efficiency, low emissions, and sustainability, through ongoing research on and application of advanced technology and management thinking, reduces energy consumption, controls  environmental impacts , and sets up a good corporate image; gives a positive response to the calls of energy conservation and environmental protection, and conducts environmental protection at all costs unconditionally. In June 2008, at the request of Foshan Municipal Government, the Corporation resolutely closed Xiaotang Depot in Foshan with the current profit of nearly RMB 10 million yuan without claim for any compensation, and reduced the burden of the government. Since its establishment, it has never suffered from any major accident or occupational safety accident, without any bad records of environmental pollution or destruction of social ecology.
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