Core Business
■Headquarters Base and Supporting Project

To improve the ability of worldwide operations, Southernpec is planning Guangzhou Headquarters Base and Supporting Project. After the Headquarters Base is completed, we can strengthen the core role of the Corporation Headquarters as a decision-making, direction and control center and accelerate the process of internationalization; moreover, further enhance the operational capability of Southernpec to integrate global resources, achieve centralized configuration of superior resources in different regions, reduce overall costs, allow the adequate efficiency release of personnel, information, technology and other resources, and improve the competitive advantages of the company. The Project is planned to have all the functions of a comprehensive administrative office place such as office, conference, trade negotiation, network center, video conferencing and information sharing; while maintaining the Lingnan architectural features, build the Headquarters Base and supporting projects into a building integrating intelligence, information technology, energy-saving and environmental protection so that it can perfectly manifest the contemporarily most advanced high-tech construction techniques and become the most beautiful cultural landscape of Guangzhou.
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