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Fujian Kemen Port Base
Fujian Kemen Port Project, located in Fujian Kemen Port operation area, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan, covers an area of 788 mu (454 mu of sea, 334 mu of land), with a coastline of 800 meters, where the planned 6 million ton high-grade "heavy traffic road asphalt and heavy olefins" is a production project encouraged by the State, and Phase I Project has been included in the 2008 preliminary key projects of Fujian Province.

> 5 million m³ of groundwater sealed cavern project.
> 6 million t/a high-grade heavy traffic road asphalt project (construction includes high-grade heavy traffic road asphalt plant, DCC, air separation plant, hydrogen plant, diesel hydrogenation unit, acidic water treatment/sulfur recovery unit).
> Two 100,000 dwt berths (and 300,000 dwt berths) and three 5,000 dwt berths.

Among them, after completion of 6 million t/a high-grade heavy traffic road asphalt project, it can produce bitumen, diesel, gasoline, naphtha, propylene, propane, MTBE and other petrochemical products, with the production of up to 5.6 million tons/year, and will help ease the imbalance between supply and demand in China with regard to bitumen market, propylene market and other petrochemical products.

5 million m³ of groundwater sealed cavern project has investment of about RMB 4 billion yuan, underground engineering planar projection area is about 80 hectares, and ground facilities cover about 5 hectares. Underground engineering includes five groups of 100*104 m³ tanks, water curtain cave system and other support works, and surface facilities include sewage treatment plants, metering stations, pump areas, power distribution stations, fire facilities, oil and gas recovery facilities and shaft sheds, etc. The project is featured by low cost, saving building materials, less land occupation, low loss, low cost of operation and management, environmental protection, safety, and fast handling speed, showing great significance to effective reserve of national strategic resources.

Project start-up and commissioning will effectively promote the development of petrochemical-related industries in Fujian, optimize the economic structure of Fujian and further accelerate the construction pace of the operation area west of the straits. Therefore, the project construction has received great support from the Fujian Provincial Government, Fuzhou Municipal Government, Development and Reform Commission, Land and Resources Department, Environmental Protection Department, Water Resources Department, Communications Department, Seismological Bureau and other institutions. Currently, the project has obtained the right to use the coastline and the sea, signed a Land Transaction Confirmation with the local government, and is about to start the construction of mountain reclamation and two 100,000 dwt berths.
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